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Addiction and Relationships

Empowering You to Take Back Control of Your Life so You Can Have the Happy,  Healthy Relationships Your Deserve.

Take our Codependent Attachment Pattern Personality Test

Are You Caught in Addictions Web?

Do you constantly feel like you're treading on thin ice in your relationships? Exhausted from tolerating behaviors you know you don’t deserve? Yearning for a relationship where you're not just loved, but truly valued and respected?

I'm Heidi Rain and I specialize in dealing with relationships with addicts and alcoholics.  I've seen firsthand the emotional and psychological havoc that toxic relationships create. But here's the silver lining: there's a way out.

My tailored on demand coaching courses will equip you with the strategies to shatter these toxic cycles. Imagine a life:

  • Free from Confusion: Finally answer the question "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" with my brand new course
  • No More Settling: I'll teach you how to set and hold boundaries with an addict or alcoholic.
  • Be Supported: I'll give you a step by step system to help you know exactly what to do.

Dive into our transformative courses and coaching programs. I'm not just offering guidance; I'm offering a pathway to self-worth, clarity, and genuine happiness.

End the relentless cycle of dysfunction. Love and be loved, with the depth and respect you've always craved.

Don't let familial addiction or codependency dictate your life's narrative.

Join our mission. Recover from relationship traumas and pave the way for authentic, fulfilling bonds. The moment to reclaim your life is here. Are you ready to seize it?

Check out My brand New Stay or Go on Demand Course!

Uncover Your Attachment Personality Pattern

Discover your unique Codependent Attachment Personality Patterns (CAPPs) and unlock insights into your strengths, weaknesses, and relationship behaviors. Our tailored assessment is your key to: Deep Self-awareness: Understand the core of your behaviors. Healthier Connections: Forge more fulfilling relationships based on genuine understanding. Dive In Now! Take the CAPP test and embark on a journey to richer, more meaningful relationships.

Specializing in Addiction, Codependency, and Toxic Relationship Recovery

Navigating the challenges of addiction within a family or the aftermath of a toxic relationship can leave you feeling drained, confused, and isolated. But there's a way forward.

We're on a mission to empower you. Learn how to support an addicted loved one while safeguarding your own well-being. Overcome the relationship traumas that have left you feeling anxious, resentful, or hurt.

With our groundbreaking coaching programs, you'll:

  • Forge Healthier Bonds: Craft the fulfilling relationships you've always deserved.
  • Gain Clarity: Understand your desires and refuse to settle or self-sacrifice.
  • End the Confusion: Navigate relationships with confidence, never caught off guard.
  • Experience Mutual Love: Break free from one-sided relationships and feel truly cherished.

It's time for you to be loved with the same intensity and care that you offer to others.


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