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The Codependency Institute

We exist to equip people who are in dysfunctional, addicted, or toxic relationships with the tools, education, and coaching they need to break free from codependency for good. 

Take our Codependent Attachment Pattern Personality Test

What is Codependency?


Do you feel like you’re walking on eggshells in your relationships? Are you tired of putting up with behavior you don’t deserve? Do you want to create a happy, healthy relationship where you’re loved and respected?

As  addiction consultants and codependency experts, we understand the toll toxic and dysfunctional relationships can take on your life. But we're here to tell you that there is hope.

With our laser-focused coaching, you’ll learn how to break free from toxic patterns and create the healthy relationships you deserve.

We're talking about no more confusion, no more settling, no more feeling unsupported.

With our revolutionary courses and coaching programs, you’ll be expertly guided to self-love and happiness.

You’ll gain clarity on what you truly want and end the cycle of dysfunction for good.

It’s time for you to be loved just as much as you love others.

Don’t let addiction in the family or codependency control your life any longer.

Join us on this mission to help you and others recover from relationship trauma and create healthy, fulfilling relationships. The time is now – are you ready to take control and get your life back?

Discover Your Attachment Personality Pattern

Discover Your Attachment Personality Pattern By identifying your Codependent Attachment Personality Patterns (CAPPs), you can uncover your strengths and weaknesses and work towards creating a better life for yourself. Our personality assessment is designed to help you gain insight into your behavior and relationships, allowing you to create healthier and more fulfilling connections. Do it now! – take our CAPP test and get to know yourself better! Uncover your potential and create richer relationships by taking the test today

Our world class programs specialize in Dealing with Addiction in the Family and Codependency,Toxic Relationship Recovery. We are on a mission to teach you how to deal with an addicted loved one and how to recover from the relationship trauma that has left you drained, numb, resentful, perplexed, anxious or hurt. Throughout my revolutionary coaching programs, you’ll be expertly guided to create the healthy relationships you deserve! You’ll decide what you truly want and stop settling, self sacrificing, and struggling. You’ll end all relationship confusion and never be blindsided again. No more one sided relationships where you feel all alone. It’s finally your turn to be loved the way you love others.


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